Just another lame text post to say thank you for all the lovely comments and words of encouragement on yesterday’s WilSon rant. I’m so technologically challenged I can’t figure out how to reply to everybody individually, but it feels awesome to know I’m not alone in my thoughts, and that the boys (all three of them) have such strong, reasonable people in their corners.

Speaking of support, though it wasn’t the focus of last night’s little speech, I thought you all would be excited to know that Freddie Smith himself is on board with the DonorsChoose drive! I’m told he agreed without hesitation :) and that he fully approves of our helping kids take a stand against bullying.

Much gratitude to DOOL’s Kate Mansi for throwing her hat into the ring as well, and to our indispensable project assistants Joanie and Upasana for their constant fundraising efforts!

This update brought to you by Guy Wilson’s sunglasses. :-P