A few more 602 spoilers


These are what they filmed on Tues., Sept. 16. I forgot that one of the call sheets I posted was from Tuesday.

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So, chronologically, it tentatively looks something like:

In the hallway, Rachel and Puck intimidate Roderick into signing up/for *not* signing up.

Then, in the choir room, the core cast perform Take On Me. They spill out into the hallway, where they are joined by Spencer and Roderick, and people dance.

Much later in the episode, Kurt, Sam and Spencer do something near the sign up sheet. Talk? Argue?

…maybe I’ll try a mock up of the whole episode (as we have it) with the other call sheets included. Whatever, I’m bored. Thanks Stacey :)


Anonymous said: If nothing else, Darren knows how to network. He's putting that twitter account to good use. The man is always working even when he's playing.

He’s one of the most naturally charismatic people I’ve ever seen. Other celebs & industry folk seem to love him more than we do, and that’s a lot!


I probably shouldn’t share this…

but I’m going to anyway, because people on my dash are hurting.

A few years back, I was engaged. I was preparing to move all the way across the country by myself to be with my partner. He was an unconventional choice. We got a lot of questions from folks, but I was happy.

As it turns out, he wasn’t. We broke up. I didn’t see it coming. One day, working on wedding guests - next day, I don’t love you, I want the ring back.

I called my parents, who were on vacation. They flew me to join them. I stayed in bed for three weeks. I lost twelve pounds I couldn’t afford to lose. I got drunk the last day, fell asleep on the beach and ended up in the ER with a terrible full-body sunburn. I couldn’t have cared less.

Six weeks after we got back, just when I was starting to feel like I could breathe without sobbing, my mom died. She was 46. My little brother found her. I remember eating ice cream out of the tub with my cousin right after we got the call, because why not? And then I remember very little of the following nine months or so.

There are pictures of me during that time frame I have absolutely no recollection of having taken. Messages in my inbox, old texts with conversations that read like scripts because I can’t remember participating. I made “friends” I shouldn’t have and didn’t treat my loved ones like I should have. It didn’t matter. It wasn’t me. It had my job, my face and an approximation of my personality, but Sadie was checked the fuck out.

Eventually, I was treated for the (now obvious) mental health issues that had probably always been there just waiting for the right combo of stressors to tip me over. I got properly medicated and into therapy and I’m grateful to be able to say that here in 2014, I’m doing well.

Most of my longterm friends don’t even seem to be aware of what happened back then, and that’s OK. Everybody is dealing with their own stuff. I try to remember that when I feel frustrated by someone’s behavior. Nobody is 100% their ideal self around the clock. A lot of folks, in my experience, are simply trying to do the best they can from moment to moment, and if occasionally those moments become weeks or years, well, join the club. Put up a fight. Have empathy. Take a deep breath. Love youself. Love someone else if you can manage. Get out of your own head. It might not help, but what could it hurt?


Episode 602, Scene 26
Kurt and Spencer
Weight room: Spencer (Marshall Williams) says no because Glee club sucks

Episode 602, Scene 19 (End of Act 1)
Rachel, Mercedes, Kurt, Artie, Tina, Puck, Quinn, Santana, Brittany, Sam
Auditorium: Rachel brings back the old Glee Club

Episode 602, Scene 38 (End of Act 4)
Rachel, Mercedes, Kurt, Artie, Tina, Puck, Quinn, Santana, Brittany, Sam, Roderick, and the band
Auditorium:  Roderick (Noah Guthrie) auditions with Mustang Sally

Episode 601, Scene 20
Flashback - NYADA Hallway: Students look at magazines and brochures

…damn. Guess that explains why Chris was wearing the ring in Amber’s video.


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Sept. 20, 2014



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"Unflattering"…😂LOL ok, you got me. Good one, D.



LOL ok, you got me. Good one, D.

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Woke up to pretty pics of Kevin and Jenna, Darren gallivanting around Vegas, and Chris literally busting out of his clothes.

It’s gonna be a good weekend :-P


I really did wait for you..and Chad, and if this is something that’s not okay with you guys then I’m not going to go forward..

I would just like to point out that in the third GIF, there is casual neck kissing.

You may resume breathing now.

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Is it even legal to have so many handsome, talented boys in one scene?

Guy’s eyes. Billy’s eyes. Freddie in that shirt…

*happy sigh*

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